Napalm Death Apex Predator Sealed RED Vinyl NEW

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What makes Napalm Death so special? Well let's think back 30 years. Would you have thought that a grindcore band from Birmingham would ever make it into the official album charts with some of the most infernal noise ever put on tape, enter the Guinness book for the shortest song ever recorded or appear in a prominent UK TV series named 'Skins'? Could you have ever imagined a down-to-earth lad named Mark 'Barney' Greenway, a soccer fan (Aston Villa FC), vegetarian, prog metal freak and one of music history's most renowned representatives of 'cookie monster' style vocals would become a personality within the extreme music realm that is not about beer-drinking and hell-raising but synonymous with sounding hard while being smart? Well, that is where we are at now. From filthy, sweaty rehearsal rooms and tiny clubs and pubs NAPALM DEATH has conquered every music festival you can think of while becoming famous for combining brutal music with political engagement and ethical values beyond the usual cliche of sex, drugs & rock n roll. And, as most fans will be delighted to hear, this remarkable story is far from being over. Apex Predator - Easy Meat is the next vital chapter in a tome the band themselves virtually created.

  •  Apex Predator - Easy Meat
  • 2 Smash a Single Digit
  • 3 Metaphorically Screw You
  • 4 How the Years Condemn
  • 5 Stubborn Stains
  • 6 Timeless Flogging
  • 7 Dear Slum Landlord
  • 8 Cesspits
  • 9 Bloodless Coup
  • 10 Beyond the Pale
  • 11 Stunt Your Growth
  • 12 Hierarchies
  • 13 One-Eyed
  • 14 Adversarial / Copulating Snakes
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